Sun 28
Isle of Wight Festival
Sun 28
U11 - The Pirates
Isle of Wight Festival 2019

Isle of Wight Festival 2019

By Anouska Hanlon

The Eagles very own Festival ..

So this years festival was to be held at the county showground. Unfortunately it soon became apparent that the pitches were not safe for the players. Divots, tent pegs, spikes and nails found on pitch inspections by various club coaches. So the decision for under 11s to cancel was made by a Vectis coach at 10am.

Upon discussion between Paul, the Eagles head coach and the head coach from Ellingham and Ringwood, it was decided we were not going home without the kids having played at least a couple of matches! We were not ready to go home!

We went to Victoria Park recreation ground in Newport and our squad of 10 played 4 matches, our very own little festival with Ellingham & Ringwood (with their 23 players!)

Special mentions from the sidelines..
Kaiden fleetwood showed excellent rucking and commitment. Doing his job well around the park and being a fantastic team member who never gave up.
Charlie Townley smiling throughout and commitment to the rucks. Some very quick hands from the base of the ruck.
Henry Moorhouse for taking the ball forward and trying to play others into the game through passing.
Daniel Plowman for great rucking skills and straightening his runs to give structure to the team and laying back the ball in the rucks. Becoming an increasingly pivotal players for the team.
We lost one poor player Jack Peach due to him taking a boot to the nose, and we're informed he has 2 lovely black eyes on the way!!

All in all we had a good day, and although it wasnt what was intended, the kids enjoyed themselves and got to do what they love. In this the last festival in the season.

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Sun 28, Apr 2019