Monthly Draw Results

Monthly Draw Results

By Tim Holling
17th May
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Due to a technical issue we have been unable to publish the draw results for a few months - please accept our apologies. Please find the details below.

(Drawn on 28th April 2019)

January 2019

£30 P. Cass

£20 T.Tubbritt

£15 H. Jones

£10 P. Wilkinson

February 2019

£30 T. Pizzey

£20 Mrs. J. Squire

£15 D. Middleton

£10 N. Hardy

March 2019

£50 Mrs. B. Fitzgerald

£30 M. Winter

£20 L. Thwaites

£15 C. Hawkes

£10 Mrs. V. Coombs

(Drawn on 16th May 2019)

April 2019

£30 Mrs. B. Fitzgerald

£20 M. Monaghan

£15 M. Edmunds

£10 N. Hardy

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