Media Release: Goddesses Kicked Off Their Season at Andover

Media Release: Goddesses Kicked Off Their Season at Andover

By Katy Chignell
10th September
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Tournament Report:

Gosport Goddesses kicked their new season off with their first tournament hosted by Andover Seniors and Development Teams; their season started at 1400hrs on Sunday (8th September 2019). The Goddesses, Gosport’s Ladies Rugby team take part in tournaments around Hampshire with seven other teams; which all take part in the Hampshire Touch Ladies League.

The Goddesses, in their pre-tournament warm up showed great communication, calling for the ball; as well as the Goddesses’ spirit, determination and continuing on from their 2018/19 season (which finished in June 2019), and were all excited and ready for the 2019/20 season.

The Andover tournament had five teams in total; as unfortunately Fareham Heathens, Isle of Wight White Wolves and Winchester ladies teams were unable to attend.

Gosport’s first match was against one of the hosting teams, Andover Seniors. The Goddesses put on great pressure on Andover Seniors with good communication and defence lines; however they were clumping around the ball; need to move up quicker and recycle the ball quicker. The youngest Goddess, West (aged 14) managed to break through the strong Andover defence and score her first try of the tournament and season. Andover Seniors punished the Goddesses for not being quick enough up in defence and attack, the final score was Andover Seniors 9 - Gosport 1.

In true Gosport Goddess spirit, the ladies didn’t let their heads drop and dusted themselves off and took on Fordingbridge ladies in their second game. The Goddesses once again started great and lots of making distance from the off, with quick pace, great defence and pressure. West, scored her second try of the tournament having made a break for it again in the first half. She also did the same in the second half with the assistance of Bates, a new Goddess to the Gosport Ladies team. The final score was Fordingbridge 3 - Gosport 2.

The third match for the Goddesses was against Aldershot & Fleet Ladies. The Goddesses continued to make quick runs, with some amazing defence play in the first half; however the communication and defence dropped in the second half and for the ball. The coaching team said “get out there and make sure you get back on side in defence, provide support play to the ball carrier and stop honey potting the ball”. The final score was Aldershot & Fleet 5 -Gosport 0.

The Goddesses’ fourth and final game was against the other hosting team, Andover Development. The Goddesses continued to play well even though they were showing signs of exhaustion. It was fast paced game; with some great runs and pressure from Gosport. In the second half, the coaching team brought the wingers into the inside. The final score was Andover Development 4 - Gosport 0.

The Goddesses came fifth in the tournament hosted by the two Andover ladies’ teams and fifth in the league, but will be coming out stronger again on the 29th September at Aldershot & Fleet Rugby Club.

Overall the Goddesses gave 100% commitment and effort today, with strong positive talk; and the newer players integrated well with the overall team. The Goddesses need to work on their defence structure; increase their fitness and speed; as well as their self believe and confidence.

After the tournament, Goddesses’ captain Joanne Lewis said ‘we came out strong and stayed strong as a team; it was an enjoyable tournament with very welcoming hosts. I am proud to be the Captain of a great team, I am very proud of them all including the ones which ; they all worked hard and gave it their all and want to thank all my Goddesses both on the pitch and those whom came to support on the sidelines due to injuries; and our awesome coaching team".

Jamie Gerathy, Goddesses Head Coach said “We as a coaching team are very proud of all ladies, they gave it their all, especially as we had some new Goddesses playing their first tournaments; the team gelled and working out the game play outside of training. Even when they were exhausted they continued to give 100% commitment and determination. We have some areas that we need to work on them with them”.

Kevin Chambers, Goddess Head Fitness Coach said “I agree with Jamie, they gave it their all which is all we can ask from them as coaches. They showed their true Goddesses spirit; well done ladies. We will be working them hard to increase their fitness and speed in preparation for our next tournament at the end of the month”.

The Gosport Goddesses showed their spirit throughout the game and tournament; they train every Monday and Friday night at 1830hrs at Gosport Park.


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