Media Release: Goddesses Dinosaur of Andover Tournament

Media Release: Goddesses Dinosaur of Andover Tournament

By Katy Chignell
6 days ago
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Dinosaur of the Tournament

Gosport Goddesses kicked their first tournament of the season at hosts Andover Seniors and Development Teams off at 1400hrs yesterday (Sunday 8th September 2019). The Goddesses, Gosport’s Ladies Rugby team take part in tournaments around Hampshire with seven other teams; which all take part in the Hampshire Touch Ladies League.

The Goddesses’ Dinosaur of the Tournament is the player or players whom the coaches decided have stood out in the team throughout the tournament for all the wrong reasons.

The Dinosaur of the Tournament for the Goddesses at the Andover tournament was awarded to the Goddesses Coaching Team - Kevin Chambers (Goddesses Head Fitness Coach) and Jamie Gerathy (Goddesses Head Coach).

The coaching team decided to award to Dinosaur of the Tournament to Seraphin Williams (aged 19) for wearing the worst and oldest pair of shorts in the kit bag, which didn’t fit her! The shorts were original donated to them by their coach Kevin.

Joanne Lewis, Goddesses Captain said “All of the Goddesses found it hilarious that the coaches awarded it for lack of fashion sense on the rugby pitch. Don’t think Phin will be touching them again".

The coaching team said “we couldn’t give the Dinosaur to any of the Goddesses for their performances today, so we went down the ladies fashion route instead”.


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